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Stainless steel tank material machine in the oil industry
Feb 06, 2018

As the application continues to broaden, the demand for stainless steel storage tanks also continue to increase, then the production of raw materials for stainless steel tanks is how to choose it? Stainless steel storage tank materials are divided into tank materials and ancillary facilities materials, both must meet the relevant requirements.


The material of the tank of stainless steel storage tank can be divided into low-strength steel and high-strength steel according to the tensile yield strength or tensile strength standard, and the high-strength steel is mostly used for the storage tank above 5000m³; while the auxiliary equipment materials mostly adopt common carbon structure with lower strength Most steel, the remaining parts, accessories, according to different uses of other materials.


Taking the stainless steel storage tank as the container for storing oil products as an example, as the main equipment of a petroleum storage tank, as the number of stainless steel storage tanks continues to increase, it becomes more difficult for the production management of the oil tanker. Crude oil in the stainless steel storage tank has a certain storage time, the temperature can not be lower than a certain value, in order to ensure the safe operation of stainless steel storage tank, it is necessary to heat the stainless steel storage tank heating.


Stainless steel storage tanks used in this industry can be divided according to the location of horizontal underground tanks, semi-underground horizontal tank storage tank and on the ground horizontal; can also install the form can be discrete, horizontal; or By shape can be cylindrical, square box and sphere.


Horizontal stainless steel storage tank ring weld lap, vertical weld with butt, lap interactive arrangement, take a single number, so that the same end cap diameter. Its end caps are divided into flat end caps and butterfly end caps, horizontal end caps horizontal tank can withstand 40Kpa pressure, butterfly end cap horizontal tank can withstand 0.2Mpa pressure. Underground horizontal tank must be set to strengthen the ring, strengthening the angle steel is also made with.

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