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Stainless steel storage tank for safe transportation
Mar 23, 2020

Safe transport of chemicals. Stainless steel tanks of various sizes facilitate safe transport of chemicals. In addition to the so-called ISO tank, which is commonly used worldwide, smaller and medium-sized bulk containers (ib-c) tanks are also used to transport low-risk goods. The trade association (@tco) estimates that the number of tanks of various sizes in use worldwide is between 376,000 and 416,000.


These containers are well suited to the special needs of the Japanese market. "The cost of producing chemicals in Japan is very high, so domestic chemical manufacturers are shifting production of generic chemicals to other parts of Asia to reduce costs," explains Taiji Tano, director and general manager of the Japan dangerous goods container association. The association is responsible for the development of the Japanese container market and industry, and represents the industry in consultation with the government on dangerous goods transport, storage regulations and other matters.


In and out of the inconvenience


Although it is increasingly common in Japan to ship chemicals in ISO tanks, route planning is important because not all customer sites can receive ISO tanks. The locations of factories in Japan that use chemicals in their production are often restricted by narrow streets, sharp bends in roads and other factors that make it difficult to get in and out, limiting the size of the vehicles that transport the chemicals

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