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Stainless steel storage tank excellent application characteristics and meticulous classification
Dec 28, 2017

Everyone's understanding of stainless steel storage tank is limited to it is a storage tank made of stainless steel, mainly used to load some liquid products, but in fact the characteristics of stainless steel storage tank layout of these products are more detailed classification From a different perspective to meet a variety of products from storage.


Because it is made of stainless steel, stainless steel cans have a strong corrosion resistance, it is free from outside air and water chlorine corrosion. And each tank before leaving the factory are subject to super-pressure test and inspection, the service life of atmospheric pressure up to 100 years.


Structural stainless steel tanks are sealed design, which completely put an end to airborne dust in the harmful substances and mosquitoes intrusion tank, to ensure that water from the outside world pollution and breeding of bacteria. Combined with scientific water flow design, the bottom sediment of the stainless steel storage tank is not flipped by the water flow, and the natural stratification of the domestic water and the fire water is naturally stratified, which is favorable for improving the performance of the domestic water and fire-fighting water facilities.


Under normal circumstances, stainless steel tanks must be cleaned regularly, and the sediment in the water as long as the regular open drain valve at the bottom of the tank can be discharged, greatly reducing the cost of cleaning, but also can completely avoid bacterial contamination of the human body. In short, stainless steel storage is a fully enclosed structure, according to the process requirements of heating and cooling, and has the storage health, cleaning convenience, reasonable structure and other advantages of storage containers.


At present, the stainless steel storage tanks can be divided into vertical stainless steel storage tanks and horizontal stainless steel storage tanks according to the form, and can also be divided into wine-making stainless steel storage tanks, foodstuff stainless steel storage tanks, pharmaceutical stainless steel storage tanks, dairy types Stainless steel storage tanks, chemical stainless steel storage tanks, stainless steel oil storage tanks, stainless steel storage tanks for building materials, stainless steel power storage tanks, and stainless steel storage tanks for metallurgy. The majority of users can be selected on demand.

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