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Stainless steel storage tank deformation solution
Nov 09, 2020

1, the thick steel plate is placed on the service platform, convex upward, the plate big hit bump can be corrected, from the outside from far to near, from heavy to light, hit the periphery of the convex surface, so that the parts slowly leveling, slightly severe hit bump.


2, the parts on the service platform, hit prominent position, hit point spacing should be moderate, hit should be carried out over and over again, hit force from small to large.


3. Put the ruffle parts on the service platform, draw a square line on both sides of the bow, according to the square from extroversion to the inside, from heavy to light, from dense to sparse hammering, the hitting point should be a red plum-shaped intersection.


4. Put the distorted lv board on the service platform, strike the lv board on both sides of the support point, and severely strike it from 1 to 2. After roughly correcting, correct the bumps and dents on the service platform.


5, T - shaped steel and round steel bending deformation, see convex hit, to grasp the distance between fulcrum, hit point location and light and heavy, is the impact of the ribs.

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