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Stainless steel reactor water test preparation and operation sequence
Jan 25, 2018

Before using the stainless steel reactor, users need to do is to test the water filling, in order to ensure the rigor and stability of the equipment. So, stainless steel reactor water filling test how to proceed, in the process need to pay attention to what?


Prior to filling the stainless steel reactor with water, all attachments and other components welded to the stainless steel reactor body shall be fully completed; and all welds related to the tightness test shall not be painted. In order to ensure the accuracy of the test, fresh water must be used, the water temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees Celsius, and the chlorine ion content in the water should not exceed 25mg / L for the stainless steel reactor.


In the stainless steel reactor water filling test, the need to pass 0.1-0.2MPa compressed air leak detection of the weld; water filling test should strengthen the foundation settlement observation, water filling test, such as the foundation should not allow subsidence settlement Water, to be processed before continuing the test.


Stainless steel reactor water and water should be opened during the opening of the breathing valve port, and shall not make the basis of water immersion, water filling height of the highest operating level. Test stainless steel reactor strength at this level for 48h, observe the stainless steel reactor wall no leakage, no abnormal deformation as qualified.


Stainless steel reactor for the top of the intensity and tightness test, the stainless steel reactor water level should be lm at the highest level of slow filling water pressure, when it rose to the test pressure stainless steel reactor top stability test should be filled to Design of the highest level, with the water method.


The test should be slow pressure to reach the test negative pressure, stainless steel reactor top no abnormal deformation is qualified, the two tests should be immediately after the stainless steel autoclave and the atmosphere connected to return to normal pressure. The test of qualified equipment can be assured that put into use.

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