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Stainless steel reaction kettle anti-static
Oct 04, 2020

Stainless steel reaction kettle in the work will produce a lot of problems we need to often maintain, daily also need to often maintain, the following small series for you to explain how stainless steel reaction kettle should be anti static electricity in the work. Install electrostatic moderators. An electrostatic moderator is installed behind the filter in the autoclave before the fluid enters the tank. Avoid mixing and co-transport of water and autoclavie media, avoid mixing and co-transport of different media, avoid co-transport of liquid media, oil and gas and compressed air, even dehydration of storage tank, pay special attention to dehydration before feeding. Control medium injection mode. The medium shall be injected from the bottom of the tank and shall be avoided as much as possible from the top of the tank. Jumper. The floating roof of the tank shall be bonded to the tank wall. Piping should be bonded to valves, flowmeters, filters, pumps, tanks when insulating or corroding. Control the velocity of the medium. The higher the flow rate, the easier it is to generate static electricity. In addition, it is also possible to add antistatic additives in the autoclavie, so that the electrostatic charge inside the medium can not accumulate, and will soon leak to the earth through the bonding charge grounding.


Reason: In order to avoid the phenomenon of swirling.


Function: When the viscosity of the material is low, the agitator rotates at a high speed and generates a tangential flow under the action of centrifugal force, which can cause the liquid to be thrown around the reactor wall, and rise along the periphery of the reactor, and the central liquid level naturally drops, forming a big concave in the stainless steel reactor, which we call this phenomenon as whirlpool. The swirling material will rotate closely with the stirring shaft and cannot get good mixing. If there is a multiphase material in the stirring, phase and phase separation or stratification may occur. When the material viscosity is high, it will inhale a large amount of air on the surface of the liquid layer, reducing the performance density of the liquid, so that the agitation bearing by different forces and vibration.

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