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Spray-cooled finned-tube heat exchangers acting
Mar 01, 2021

This kind of heat exchanger fixes the heat exchange tubes in rows on the steel frame, the hot fluid flows in the tubes, and the cooling water is evenly showered from the spray device from above , so it is also called spray cooler . Spray heat exchange The outside of the tube is a layer of liquid film with a higher degree of turbulence, and the heat transfer coefficient outside the tube is much larger than that of the immersion type . In addition, most of this type of heat exchanger is placed in a place with air circulation, and the evaporation of cooling water is also taken away. portion of the heat , can serve to reduce the cooling water temperature, increase the heat transfer effect of the driving force . Therefore, as compared with immersion, spray heat exchanger heat transfer effect much improved. Tube-in-tube heat exchanger is a concentric tube tube made of straight tubes with different diameters and connected by U -shaped elbows. In this kind of heat exchanger, one kind of fluid runs inside the tube, and the other One kind of fluid travels through the annular gap, both of which can obtain a higher flow rate, so the heat transfer coefficient is larger . In addition, in the double-pipe heat exchanger , the two fluids can be pure countercurrent, and the logarithmic average driving force is larger. The tube heat exchanger has a simple structure, can withstand high pressure,and is convenient to use,especially because the tube heat exchanger also has the advantages of large heat transfer coefficient, large heat transfer driving force, and ability to withstand high pressure.

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