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Spiral plate heat exchanger with good performance and advantages created
Dec 27, 2017

Spiral plate heat exchangers are an indispensable device in many industries and have an irreplaceable role because of their unique properties, especially their heat transfer capability. Used spiral plate heat exchanger users know that the heat transfer area is the main factor affecting the heat transfer performance, and the spiral plate heat exchanger tube is a spiral device, so that more materials can enter the device, The greater the contact area, the greater the heat transfer.


Second, heat transfer efficiency is also a major feature of the spiral plate heat exchanger, on the one hand to ensure that the heat transfer speed, on the other hand to ensure that all objects can be heated. In addition, the surface of spiral tube heat exchanger tube smooth, so you can well prevent the pressure loss.


Not only has excellent heat transfer performance, spiral plate heat exchanger also allows expansion, because it has two long spiral channels, when the spiral body after heating or cooling can be extended or contracted, it will not produce large temperature stress, This makes the spiral plate heat exchanger better able to adapt to organic heat carrier thermal system.


In spiral plate heat exchangers, dirt is hard to deposit because the flow path of the medium is a single channel and its permissible flow rate is higher than for other types of heat exchangers; even where dirt is deposited somewhere within the channel, Of the cross-sectional area of the channel will be reduced at a certain flow rate will increase the local flow of dirt from the area of the role of erosion, easy to clean, it will not only help the organic heat carrier thermal system, the normal operation, and will not affect the heat transfer, can Exact outlet temperature control.


In practice, the spiral plate heat exchanger is used in addition to the conventional parameters such as temperature and pressure, and the heat exchange area should be determined through detailed process calculation. At the same time, the fluid flow velocity in the equipment passage should be higher than or equal to lm / s, Make the fluid produce turbulence, in order to achieve the heat transfer effect.

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