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Spiral plate heat exchanger with and without what to do respectively
Feb 08, 2018

Before the operation of the spiral plate heat exchanger, you should first check whether the bolts are tightened, if not tightened at this time, all tightening should be to ensure the normal operation of the machine. And then to boot, this time you need to open the cold side of the media valve, and in the discharge of air, and then open the hot side of the medium-sized valve, on the contrary.


For removable spiral plate heat exchangers, the cap bolts should be re-fastened after the temperature has risen up to normal operation. Pay attention to the fastening sequence and prevent deflection. In its operation, hot and cold inlet valve at the same time open the valve to prevent overpressure on one side.


Spiral plate heat exchanger piping system is provided with a purge valve, the purpose is to discharge excess air in the machine after the operation of the machine to prevent excess gas left in the machine, reducing work efficiency. If the hot and cold body also contains large particles of impurities, the first impurity filtering, absolutely prohibit the clean water pressure test.


Spiral plate heat exchangers require a long run, if there is liquid outflow, liquid analysis should be promptly, if it is loose parts, timely fastening; gasket is sealed if the aging effect, but also timely replacement and solve the leak The problem.


If the spiral plate heat exchanger is not intended to be used for a long time, then it is necessary to loosen the bolts as much as possible to ensure longer service life of the gaskets. Remember to tighten the bolts before use. And when the machine downtime, the heat exchanger should be cleaned and filled with oxygen storage and maintenance, which will help to extend its service life.

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