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Spiral plate heat exchanger takeover form and wearing parts inspection
Mar 15, 2018

Spiral plate heat exchanger has detachable and non-removable two types, of which non-removable spiral plate heat exchanger structure is relatively simple, both ends of the spiral passage of all welded to death. The removable spiral plate heat exchanger in addition to the helical channel at both ends of the sealing structure, the other with the same can not be disassembled.


For mechanical cleaning purposes, the open end of the spiral channel of the removable spiral plate heat exchanger is open and sealed with a flat cover and gaskets to prevent fluid from leaking into the atmosphere or shorting fluid within the same channel. In order to improve the bearing capacity of the spiral plate, the distance between the plate and the plate support column.


Fluid inlet and outlet on the spiral plate heat exchanger barrel have two kinds of normal and tangential takeover, but more domestic use is the tangential takeover, mainly because of its fluid resistance is small, impurities easily washed out , To ensure that the fluid within the pipeline to meet the requirements.


For the time being, the spiral plate heat exchanger can be constructed to 1800 mm wide, 1700 mm outer diameter, 250 mm heat transfer area and 20 mm distance between plates; a maximum allowable operating pressure of up to 2.5 MPa . In addition, the operating temperature of the spiral plate heat exchanger is determined by the choice of materials, most of the material with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and titanium.


Spiral-plate heat exchangers, as an important part of industrial equipment technology, are the resilient gaskets between each group. The heat sink is a wearing part that, under natural conditions, is also an aging part. Once it loses its elasticity It will affect the normal work of equipment, so to be regularly checked.

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