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Specific steps of the tube heat exchanger cleaning process
Jul 27, 2018

The tube heat exchanger equipment needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Before cleaning, it is necessary to isolate the equipment system and discharge the water inside the tube heat exchanger; then use high-pressure water to clean the sludge, algae and other impurities left in the pipeline, and then close it. system.


Immediately after the ball valve is installed between the isolation valve and the exchanger, the inlet and return ports should be installed; and the transfer pump and connecting pipe are connected to pump the cleaning agent from the bottom of the heat exchanger and flow out from the top. Gradually start pumping the required cleaning agent into the condenser and repeat the cycle cleaning to the corresponding cleaning time.


As the cycle progresses and the sediment dissolves, the gas generated during the reaction increases, and excess air should be vented through the bleed valve at any time. As the air is discharged, the space inside the heat exchanger will increase, and appropriate water can be added. Do not inject a large amount of water from the beginning, which may cause water to overflow.


It should be noted that the effectiveness of the cleaning agent should be checked regularly during the cleaning process of the tube heat exchanger; after the cleaning time is reached, the cleaning solution is recovered; and the exchanger is repeatedly rinsed with clean water until it is flushed to neutral, using the pH test paper The pH was measured 6 to 7.

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