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Some limit values ​​of the tube heat exchanger in operation
Oct 15, 2018

With the advancement of science and economy, the heat exchanger of the tube has not only made great progress in the industry, but also played a role in civilian use. As an important heat exchange equipment, the tube heat exchanger also has some precautions in the process of heat exchange. The policy operation of the tube heat exchanger can be guaranteed only within the scope of attention.


The working pressure limit of the tube heat exchanger is basically 2.5Mpa, which has a great relationship with the pressure bearing capacity of the heat exchanger. When the board area is more than 1 square meter, the working pressure is generally less than 2.5Mpa. The temperature limit is 260 ° C, the material temperature is also very different. Generally, the rubber-based elastic gasket can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees, and the highest density when using asbestos-filled gaskets. The temperature can reach about 260 degrees.


During the operation of the tube heat exchanger, try not to carry out heat exchange of the medium which is easy to block the passage, because the passage in the tube heat exchanger is between 3 and 5 mm. Therefore, if there is a large particle material, the channel portage will occur, which will seriously affect the heat transfer effect. At this time, we need to filter the channel port of the device.

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