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Setting and working method of controller in resin reactor
May 08, 2018

According to different production processes, operating conditions, etc. are not the same, the design structure and parameters of the reactor are also different, that is to say the structure of the reactor is different, it belongs to non-standard container equipment. As one of them, the resin reactor is mainly designed for the production of resin products. It also has some functions of conventional reactors.


For example, the resin reactor also uses the same controller as other reactors, which greatly simplifies the process control process and improves the control accuracy of the reactor to some extent. How does the controller of the resin reactor work?


The controller of the resin reactor is equipped with a standard aluminum alloy chassis, and the upper cover can be pulled out backwards to facilitate maintenance and overhaul; at the same time, a temperature digital display, a voltmeter, a tachometer and a control switch are mounted on the panel. Adjust the knob, etc. for the operator to use.


The electronic components of the stirring control circuit are all assembled on a circuit board. The double closed-loop control system has the characteristics of high speed control accuracy, stable rotation speed, and strong anti-interference ability. It also has perfect protection functions such as limiting overspeed and overcurrent. Adjusting the "Speed" knob can change the DC voltage of the DC motor, thus changing the speed of the motor and achieving the purpose of controlling the stirring speed of the resin reactor.


Moreover, in the heating circuit of the resin reactor controller, solid state relays are used to adjust the voltage, so that the heating circuit tends to be simplified. As long as the “regulator” knob is adjusted, the heating power can be adjusted; at the same time, the control part of the heating circuit is equipped with an intelligent digital display. , so that the heating temperature according to the requirements of the process of arbitrary speed, and control the temperature accuracy is extremely high.


In addition, all the external leads of the resin reactor controller are led from the rear panel through the waterproof connector from the terminals in the controller, which can effectively prevent other factors from interfering with it, making it more suitable for the resin reactor. Run to help.

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