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Selection of reaction kettle and function of looper flange
Oct 18, 2020

When the reaction kettle is selected, the volume includes the volume and the nominal volume, you can go to see the specific information; Physical and chemical properties, such as PH and inorganic reactions; Chemical properties of materials: such as the type of product we need to process and its reaction process; Heat transfer efficiency of the reaction kettle: There are various forms of heat transfer in the reaction kettle, as well as different heating forms. Different production requirements are mainly considered and different heat transfer forms are selected according to the requirements of the reaction kettle manufacturer's production process and the actual production scale. Another major accessory is the stirring of the reaction kettle. It is mainly an auxiliary device that plays a role of homogenizing materials, mixing the components of the reaction medium, enhancing the heat transfer effect, and making the products of the reaction kettle achieve a certain effect. Of course, there are transmissions, but this is all about matching.


One of the most important parts of the reactor is the looper flange. Looping flange is mainly used flanging, steel ring and so on the flange on the pipe end, and the flange can also be in the pipe end on the activity. The steel ring or flanging is the sealing surface, and the flange of the looper is used to press them down. Thus it can be seen that the looper flange on the reactor cannot contact with the medium due to being blocked by the steel ring or flanging. Because the flange is movable, and not directly connected to the pipe, so called looped flange, there is another way to say that the loose flange.


Generally use it on the reaction kettle is to assemble the flexibility. For example, some welding pipes and connections, want to know about both connecting flange fixed, bolt hole is difficult to positive use of flange, even for connecting pipe flange is not straight, can also through the use of the reasonable parts assembly, can to a certain extent, reduce the cost of the reaction kettle manufacturers, therefore, to master the usefulness of parts is very important. Specific accessories collocation, how to achieve higher production efficiency, as far as possible is to consult the reaction kettle manufacturers, to avoid improper configuration caused by the waste of resources.

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