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Selection of gasket for reactor seal
Oct 13, 2020

(1) Temperature

In most selection processes, the temperature of the fluid is the primary consideration. This rapidly Narrows the selection, especially from 200°F (95 ° C) to 1,000 °F (540 ° C). When the system operating temperature reaches the limit of the maximum continuous operating temperature for a particular gasket material, a higher level material should be selected. This is also true at certain low temperatures.

(2) Application

The most important parameters in an application are the type of flange and the bolt to be used. The payload is determined by the size, quantity, and grade of bolts used in the application. The effective area to be pressed is calculated by the gasket contact size. Effective gasket sealing pressure can be obtained from bolt load and gasket contact surface. Without this parameter, it is impossible to make the best choice among many materials.

(3) Medium

There are thousands of fluids in the medium, and the corrosive, oxidizing, permeable and other fluids vary greatly. Materials must be selected according to these characteristics. In addition, the system cleaning must also be considered to prevent the washer fluid from eroding.

(4) Pressure

Each gasket has its maximum ultimate pressure, the pressure performance of the gasket decreases with the increase of the material thickness, the thinner the material, the greater the pressure ability. The selection must be based on the pressure of the fluid in the system. If stress often fluctuates wildly, you need to know the details in order to make a choice.

(5) PT value

The PT value is the product of pressure (P) and temperature (T). The compressive resistance of each gasket material is different at different temperatures and must be considered comprehensively. In general, the manufacturer of the gasket will give the maximum PT value of the material.

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