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Selection method and principle of mechanical seal for reaction kettle
Feb 03, 2020

Mechanical seals according to the different working conditions and the nature of the medium, there are high temperature, low temperature resistance mechanical seals, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance mechanical seals, mechanical seals resistant to particle medium and adapt to easy vaporization of light hydrocarbon medium mechanical seals, should be selected according to the different use of different structural types and materials of mechanical seals.


1. Main parameters of model selection


Seal chamber pressure (MPA)


Fluid temperature (℃)


Operating speed (M/S)


Fluid characteristics


Install sealed effective space, etc.


2. Basic principles of model selection


According to the pressure of sealing chamber, the sealing structure is determined to be balanced or non-balanced, single end face or double end face.


According to the working speed, determine the use of rotary or static, fluid dynamic pressure or non-contact.


According to the temperature and fluid properties, determine the friction pair and auxiliary sealing materials, as well as the correct choice of lubrication, washing, insulation, cooling and other mechanical seal protection system circulation.


According to the effective space of the installation seal, determine the use of multiple springs or single spring or waveform spring, internal or external.


In the design and selection of mechanical seal, it is necessary to fully consider its application conditions, choose appropriate seal structure and parts materials, to prevent seal failure caused by improper design.

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