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Scraping machine scraping principle
Apr 10, 2020

The working principle of the blade scraper is simple, is through the use of the blade scraper cutting surface, the object and material according to a point of proportion or width into a piece. For production or pharmaceutical or other purposes.


Different scraping machines also have different methods of slicing, for example, cells or tissues should be processed in the test, so that it is convenient to observe the experiment with a microscope. There are rotary and slide-out scraping machines for optical microscopes.


In the papermaking industry also need to use the blade scraper, suitable for the blade cutter, drum scraper, screw scraper, etc. The blade scraper is composed of a cutter disc, a housing, a feeding slot and a transmission device, etc. The working principle is to use a heavy cutter disc as a flywheel to stabilize slices.


Another is to cut polymer strips into particles. This requires a special blade scraper, which is composed of guide plate, feeding roller, pressure roller and rotary cutter. Working principle is: the use of the cutter plate by the stepless transmission transmission, feeding roller by the cutter plate through a group of transformation gear transmission, and the cutter plate according to the size of cutting a number of blades. Self - changing gear can change the cutting length and CVT can change the tape - in speed

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