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Scale damage of evaporator and descaling method
Mar 02, 2020

Evaporator in the circulating cooling water containing large amounts of salts material, corrosion products and a variety of microorganisms, due to water treatment, evaporator operation for a period of time after water side would have a lot of calcium and magnesium carbonate scale and algae, microorganism mud, sticky mud, etc., these dirt firmly attached to the copper pipe inner surface, leading to deterioration of heat transfer, circulation pressure rise, vacuum unit is reduced, the efficiency of the influence of the unit, causing great economic losses.


Traditional cleaning methods usually use chemical cleaning - pickling, this method is effective for all kinds of deposition, than the mechanical method in time. But chemical cleaning is corrosive to the system and other metal parts, prone to corrosion of equipment pipelines, and when the discharge pollution environment.


Scale removal preparation:


1. Disconnect other systems unrelated to the evaporator.


2. Open the high point vent valve on the water side of the evaporator and the low point guide valve on the steam side to ensure the timely discharge of a large number of gases generated in the reaction during the cleaning process and the full degree of cleaning liquid; At the same time, the leakage of heat exchanger copper pipe in the cleaning process is monitored by the guide valve.


3. In order to monitor the cleaning effect of the system and the corrosion of the equipment in the cleaning process, before the cleaning construction, the standard corrosion test piece and monitoring pipe section corresponding to the material of the equipment shall be suspended in the cleaning tank respectively.

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