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Risk of improper operation of reaction kettle and distillation kettle
Jan 05, 2020

Reaction kettle and distillation kettle (including distillation kettle) are one of the most commonly used equipment in the chemical industry. They are also dangerous and prone to leakage and fire explosion accidents. Reaction kettle refers to an intermittent reactor with agitator, which can conduct chemical reactions under conditions of exposure, airtight atmospheric pressure, pressure or negative pressure, etc., depending on the pressure required by the process. A still is an apparatus for separating homogeneous liquid mixtures.


In recent years, the leakage, fire and explosion accidents of reaction kettle and distillation kettle have occurred frequently. Because the kettle is often filled with toxic and harmful dangerous chemicals, the consequences of the accident than the general explosion accident is more serious. This paper makes a comprehensive analysis of the risk factors leading to the accidents of reaction kettle and distillation kettle, enumerates the relevant accident cases, and puts forward the corresponding safety countermeasures.


The inherent danger of reaction kettle and distillation kettle mainly includes the following aspects:


1. The material


The materials in reaction kettle and distillation kettle are mostly dangerous chemicals. If the material belongs to the material with low spontaneous ignition point and flash point, once the material is leaked, it will form an explosive mixture with the air and encounter ignition source (open flame, spark, static electricity, etc.), which may cause fire and explosion; If the material is toxic, once the leakage, may cause personnel poisoning asphyxiation.


2. Equipment


Unreasonable design of reaction kettle and distillation kettle, discontinuous shape of equipment structure and improper weld arrangement may cause stress concentration. Improper material selection, welding quality can not meet the requirements when making containers, and improper heat treatment may reduce the toughness of materials; The container shell is corroded by corrosive medium, the strength is reduced or the safety accessory is missing, which may cause the container to explode in the process of using.

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