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Responsive requirements for methods and safety relief of the reaction vessel
Oct 19, 2018

Attention requirements for safe venting of reaction vessels

The venting pipe of the reaction vessel should generally be installed at the top, and the venting pipe installed in the indoor container should be led out of the outdoor. The venting pipe should have a sufficient height, which is higher than the highest equipment operated by more than 2m nearby, and the flammable discharge is guaranteed. The gas concentration is within safe limits. After the discharge, the combustible gas that may be immediately burned should be cooled by the cooling device and then connected to the venting facility.

A flame arrester or other flame-restricting device should be installed on the venting tube of the reaction vessel, so that the gas can be effectively prevented from catching fire at the outlet of the pipe and the flame can be diffused into the process device. The venting pipe should have good grounding and the nozzle should be within the lightning protection range. The accident storage tank should be installed in a safe area, the reaction vessel in the factory, and the liquid in it should be discharged to the underground or semi-underground special accident storage tank or discharge tank located outside the factory. The discharge method can be pressed by inert gas such as nitrogen, water vapor or carbon dioxide, which can speed up the discharge and eliminate the possibility of explosion in the equipment. The accident tank should have a large capacity.


The reaction vessel pays special attention to the training of the production operators in the emergency production, the emergency measures, the fire fighting and evacuation methods. According to the past accident lessons and operational experience and the theoretical reaction heat release characteristics, the possible causes of the accident are proposed, so that accurate judgments and correct treatment methods can be made in case of accidents.

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