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Resin reactor production process specification
Mar 29, 2018

Resin reactor is a key equipment for the production of unsaturated polyester resin, phenolic resin, epoxy resin, ABS resin, paint and other products, in the actual production and application process, the operating procedures of the resin reactor include ?


Before the resin reactor is charged, it is necessary to ensure that the used raw materials are inspected and the unqualified raw materials are not allowed to be fed. Feeding and measuring should be accurate, and attention should be paid to the feeding sequence and feeding speed according to the technical and technical requirements, and should be handled gently to prevent the splashing of liquid materials or the flying of solid powder and maintain the environmental sanitation of the posts.


The amount of resin reactor charge should be determined according to the technical requirements and material properties of the resin type produced, but it should not be greater than 70% of the volume of the kettle body to prevent the overflow of the kettle; its minimum liquid level should be Above the heating surface of the reactor wall, the liquid level should effectively submerge the contact point of the thermometer when stirring.


When the resin in the resin reactor is produced, the temperature should be controlled according to the technical requirements for the production of the resin, and should not exceed the auto-ignition temperature of the main raw materials used; at the same time, the process parameters such as acid value and viscosity value of the resin should be sampled and measured at the same time. To prevent gelation.


The resin material should be cooled before it exits the resin reactor. The temperature of the material to be discharged should meet the requirements of its process technology. When the materials inside the equipment are exhausted, the material should be dosed or injected into the cleaning solution in time to prevent the reactor wall from remaining. .


In addition to the above requirements, the safety technical measures for the operation of other steps in the resin reactor shall be performed in accordance with the technical specifications of the products produced, the operating procedures of the production process and the safe operating procedures, so as to ensure the safety during the use of the equipment.

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