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Requirements and handling precautions for storage tanks
Nov 23, 2018

During the operation of the storage container, when the relative pressure drop in the tank is zero, it is necessary to maintain the balance of the air pressure. After the discharge is completed, the data of the liquid level indicator of the storage container is simultaneously recorded, and the tanker and the tank area are disassembled. The connecting pipeline and the tank pipeline are lifted up, so that the residual cyclopentane in the hose flows into the storage tank, and the hose and the surrounding gas are flushed with nitrogen to close the inlet valve and the inlet of the storage tank.


The storage container requires the discharge tube and the exhaust tube to be placed back on the holder and the nozzle valve closed. After flushing the discharge zone with nitrogen for a few minutes, reset the fire extinguisher and release the martial law channel in the work area.


Storage container handling precautions

1. During the unloading operation, it is strictly forbidden to smoke, bring into the fire, and shut down the mobile phone in the unloading area. The tools should be made of copper and other explosion-proof tools.

2. It is forbidden to discharge cyclopentane or expose cyclopentane in the event of thunderstorms.

3. When the transport cyclopentane tanker arrives at the front door, the front door security immediately informs the security administrator.

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