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Replacement sequence of heat exchanger gaskets
Aug 22, 2020

After we have been using heat exchanger for a long time, we need to replace some parts, gasket is one of them, the following to introduce the specific order of replacement.


This should be done in the following order


1. Remove the waste gasket of the heat exchanger, and pay attention to make sure that there are no scratches in the gasket slot when disassembling.


2. Use acetone, butanone or other ketone solvent to remove the residual glue in the spacer groove.


3. Clean the spacer groove and spacer with a clean cloth or cotton yarn.


4. Uniformly apply the adhesive to the spacer groove.


5. Put clean new gaskets on the board.


6. The heat exchanger plate affixed with the gasket should be placed in a flat, cool and ventilated place to dry naturally for 4h before installation and use.

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