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Regenerative heat exchanger of the chemical industry
Mar 04, 2021

Regenerative heat exchanger is used for regenerative heat exchange equipment. It is packed with solid fillers to store heat.Generally use refractory bricks,etc. to build a fire grid (sometimes with metal corrugated belt, etc.).The heat exchange is carried out in two stages. In the first stage, the hot gas passes through the fire grid and transfers heat to the fire grid for storage. In the second stage, the cold gas passes through the fire grid and receives the heat stored in the fire grid to be heated. These two stages alternate. Usually two heat accumulators are used alternately, that is, when hot gas enters one device, cold gas enters the other.Commonly used in the metallurgical industry, such as the regenerator of the steel-making open-hearth furnace.Also for the chemical industry, such as a gas furnace in the air preheater or combustion chamber,artificial stone oil refinery in regenerative cracking furnace. Thermal heat exchangers are generally used in occasions where the requirements for medium mixing are relatively low.

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