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Reference parameters for specific quotes for stainless steel tanks
Mar 17, 2018

Stainless steel storage tank is a container used for processing or storing materials, and its application field is quite extensive, and it is necessary to know that different application fields will have different material requirements for stainless steel storage tanks, and the corresponding product prices will also be different. So what manufacturers are based on the parameters of stainless steel tank to quote it?


In order to ensure an ideal use effect, the structure, material, and function of the stainless steel storage tank must be combined with actual use conditions to obtain suitable parameters, and the manufacturer can calculate the specific price based on these parameters.


For example, stainless steel tank material, it is clear that 3166 stainless steel will be much more expensive than 304 stainless steel, but 316 stainless steel corrosion resistance will be better, so if you want to quote the first to ensure that the stainless steel tank tank material. Then based on the production batch size, the volume of the tank is usually larger than the batch production.


Because the production pressure determines the thickness and the sealing form of the stainless steel tank wall, it is necessary to understand this aspect first. In addition, the specific functions and accessories used for the stainless steel tank include the functions of insulation, heating, cooling, and stirring. Accessories include thermometers, level gauges, sight glass, manholes, respirator, filters, etc.


The price of stainless steel tanks needs to be calculated based on many factors, so you need to provide the corresponding parameters before you need a quote, so as to calculate a more accurate price. Stainless steel tanks are non-standard equipment. Tanks used on different occasions will be different, so the structure of the tanks will also change according to the parameters. Pictures and product parameters are just reference values. Actual parameters can be changed according to requirements.

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