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Reasons for installing baffles in stainless steel reactors
Dec 20, 2020

Effect: When the viscosity of the material is low, the mixing paddle rotates at high speed, and a tangential flow occurs under the effect of centrifugal force. It can throw the liquid around the wall of the kettle and rise along the periphery of the kettle. The central liquid level naturally drops and reacts in the stainless steel. A large cavity is formed in the kettle. We collectively call this phenomenon swirling. The swirling material will rotate closely with the mixing shaft, and a good mixing effect cannot be obtained. If there are multiple solid-liquid materials in the mixing, phase separation or stratification may occur. When the viscosity of the material is high, a lot of air will be sucked in the surface of the liquid layer, and the density of the liquid will be reduced, so that the stirring shaft will tremble when receiving the effect of different magnitudes. Large reactors may even cause the entire platform to tremble.

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