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Reasons for external circulation of liquid in stainless steel reactor
Oct 17, 2020

Production of stainless steel reaction kettle external loop is the reaction gas from the gas phase space, gas through the compressor pressure after the access from the bottom of the reactor, in cooperation with agitator, the larger volume and phase contact area can be obtained, thus improve the reaction rate in reaction kettle stainless steel and stainless steel reaction kettle design advantage is can get any gas circulation quantity, defect is need a lot of hydrogen recycling equipment, increased the complexity of the device and capital investment;


Stainless steel reaction kettle liquid outer loop is the reaction liquid from the bottom of the reactor with centrifugal pump, through the venturi tube suction reactor gas phase space of the reaction gas, stainless steel reaction kettle in article venturi tube fully mixing and dispersion, can get very tiny air bubbles, greatly increase the gas-liquid contact area and the reaction rate.


Stainless steel reactor liquid circulation type has the advantages of fast reaction rate, continuous production, convenient heat transfer, etc., the disadvantage is large energy consumption, the requirements of circulating pump is very demanding.

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