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Reasonable use of maintenance procedures for stainless steel storage tanks
Jul 23, 2018

Atmospheric stainless steel storage tanks are currently used in chemical production to store various atmospheric liquids or gases. The structural types are mainly vertical, horizontal, spherical, with or without jackets, with a stirrer or not. With a stirrer, etc., to meet different production requirements.


The stainless steel tank maintenance procedures are applicable to the maintenance and repair of cylindrical tanks made of carbon steel, ordinary low carbon alloy steel and stainless acid resistant steel for storing chemical liquid or gas products. For small stainless steel storage tanks, the design pressure should be less than 0.1 MPa or the vacuum is less than 0.02 MPa, the design temperature is -20 to 200 ° C, and the nominal volume is less than 100 m3.


The design pressure of large stainless steel storage tanks should be -490-1960Pa, the design temperature is not lower than atmospheric temperature and not higher than 200 °C, and the nominal volume is 100-2000m3. Whether it is a small stainless steel storage tank or a large stainless steel storage tank, when the maintenance procedures are in conflict with the regulations of the relevant state or higher authorities, all the regulations formulated by the relevant departments of the state or higher authorities shall be followed, and the equipment provided by foreign countries shall also follow the original The specifications and standards used in the design.

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