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Reactors use the benefits of heating and cooling temperature control systems
Jan 16, 2018

The heating and cooling systems are of considerable importance to reactors since they are the basis for precisely controlling the reaction temperature and in the case of a hot-cooled temperature-controlled reactor, the liquid circulation of the entire heater of the heater is hermetic and The system also has an expansion vessel.


Since both the expansion vessel and the liquid circulation in the reaction vessel are adiabatic and do not participate in the circulation of the liquid but only in the mechanical connection, the medium in the expansion vessel will be maintained at less than six, whether the temperature of the liquid circulation is high or low temperature Ten degrees of state.


Since the entire liquid circulation of the reactor is a closed system, there is no absorption of moisture at low temperatures and no oil mist at high temperatures. Therefore, the HTF can have a wide operating temperature. In other words, the same reactor, with a heat medium, can achieve -95 degrees to 200 degrees temperature control.


Not only that, the reactor using heating and cooling temperature control system, will be better to achieve accurate control of the reaction temperature. On one hand, it is equipped with heating and cooling integrated container, which makes the area of heat exchange large, the rate of heating and cooling is very fast, the demand of conducting oil is relatively small, and the temperature can be continuously raised and lowered.


On the other hand, the system has self-diagnosis function, freezer overload protection, high pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device and other security features, fully guarantee the safety of use; Also, the reactor temperature adaptive control system, Control the process of the process, continuous adjustment of the PID parameters to give the process suitable temperature control and response time.

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