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Reactor stirrer routine maintenance inspection items
Dec 07, 2017

The agitator is the main component in the reaction kettle, and it should be often checked whether the radial swing momentum of the shaft is greater than the specified value in the normal operation. The agitator should not be reversed. It is necessary to keep a certain distance between the tube of the snake, the pressure pipe and the thermometer casing in the kettle to prevent the collision. Check the corrosion of the agitator regularly, there are cracks, deformation and loosening. A mixing device with a middle bearing or a bottom bearing is used regularly to check the items as follows.

The gap between the 1. bottom bearing (or bearing);

2. whether the lubricating oil of the middle bearing has the material into the damaged bearing;

Whether the 3. fixed helix is loose or not, the loosening will increase the swing of the agitator and cause the vibration of the reactor.

4. the mixing shaft and the blade fixed to ensure vertical, its perpendicularity allowable deviation is 4/1000 of the total length of the blade, and not more than 5mm.

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