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Reactor commonly used heating methods and precautions
Dec 07, 2017

Heat conducting oil heating is divided into thermal oil circulation heating and heat conducting oil direct electric heating, heat conduction oil cyclic heating bypass, uniform heating temperature, suitable for large scale production; thermal oil direct electric heating is relatively simple, but large power consumption, suitable for small and medium scale production.

The heat-conducting oil furnace, to increase the investment and operation management of heater equipment, if the reactor heat can be considered. The heating mode is characterized by high thermal efficiency and low operating cost, but the electricity consumption is large and the cost of electricity is high. And heat oil heating has a fatal flaw that is dangerous. In addition, after a period of time, the heat transfer efficiency of the equipment will be greatly reduced, and the heat transfer oil and heat transfer pipeline should be replaced.

Attention to heat oil heating:

(1) the operator of the equipment should be trained by the knowledge of the heat conduction oil and electric heater and examined and issued by the local boiler safety supervision organization.

(2) the unit of use of equipment must work out the operating rules of the heat conduction oil and electricity heater. The operating procedures should include the operating methods of starting, running, stopping and emergency stopping of the heat-conducting oil and electric heaters, as well as the matters to be paid attention to. The operator must operate according to the operating rules.

(3) heat insulation measures should be taken in the pipeline in the range of heat conduction oil and electricity heater, but the coating measures should not be adopted at the flange connection.

(4) in the process of heating up, the exhaust valve of the expansion slot should be opened, and the air, water and organic heat carrier should be discharged into the normal operation.

(5) the organic heat carrier must be used after dehydration.  Different organic heat carriers should not be used in mixed use. When mixed use is needed, the mixing conditions and requirements should be provided by the organic heat carrier production unit before mixing.

(6) the organic heat carrier should be used to analyze carbon residue, acid value, viscosity and flash point every year. When there are two unqualified analysis or the content of heat carrier decomposition is more than 10%, the heat carrier should be replaced or the heat carrier can be regenerated.

(7) to conduct periodic inspection and cleaning of the heating surface of the equipment and to deposit the inspection and cleaning situation into the boiler technical file.

(8) after the installation or major repair of the heat-conducting oil heater, a hydraulic test of 1.5 times working pressure should be carried out by the user and installation or repair unit before being put into operation. After being qualified, it can be put into operation. When the hydraulic test and air tightness test are tested, the local boiler safety supervision organization should send people to participate.

(9) the boiler room should have effective fire prevention and extinguishing measures.

2. Electric heating mode

The characteristic of the heating mode of the reactor is that the heat source is clean, the operation is convenient, and the disadvantage is that the running cost is too high. Electric heating will encounter such a situation. Hysteresis affects the temperature control. This is the inherent deficiency of electric heating, and is influenced by the material and thickness of the reactor. Heating wire oxidation can not be avoided. There is a dead angle in heating.

3. Steam heating mode

This heating method needs high pressure steam boiler for users. Not only the cost of user equipment is very high, but also due to pressure vessel need professional operation, heating speed is slow, hot steam temperature uniform control should be noted.

4, far infrared electric heating

Far infrared heating is a new heating way, which is more convenient. But for the explosion-proof area, we need to be cautious. Generally speaking, this heating method is suitable for small batch production.

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