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Reaction kettle to ensure the safety of the production process
Nov 02, 2020

In the process of daily use of the reactor, tube blockage often occurs, and the main components of the blockage are salt, alkali and carbide, etc. When the reboiler is blocked, the method of increasing the amount of air is usually adopted to ensure the output of finished products and the qualified rate of products, while increasing the amount of air will lead to the material being heated and carbonized, which will further block the pipe, and the material will be decomposed by heat and produce chloride and hydrogen ions, which will accelerate the corrosion speed of equipment. It has very strong management functions, for example, key parameters of sulfonation and condensation reactors can be viewed and printed in the form of historical reports. Regular cleaning and maintenance of reboiler and stainless reaction kettle can not only save energy, but more importantly, reduce the corrosion rate of equipment and increase its service life. Now, jet cleaning of the reboiler is carried out during the "three stops" in March and the overhaul in October every year, and good results have been achieved. Improve the main process parameters of the boundary alarm and treatment, to ensure the safety of the production process. Print various production and statistical reports.

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