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Quality and technical requirements for plate heat exchanger
Oct 01, 2020

Plate heat exchanger is a kind of efficient and compact heat exchange equipment, which has been widely used in industry. It began more than a hundred years ago. After extensive use and practice, we deepen the understanding of the advantages of plate heat exchanger, with the expansion of the use of the field and the progress of production skills, so that the development of plate heat exchanger accelerated, has become a very important heat exchange equipment.


1. The forming thinning quantity shall be no more than 30% of the original actual plate thickness.


2. The parallelism of the base plane in any direction shall not be greater than 3/1000mm.


3. The ripple depth deviation shall not be greater than 0.20mm, and the spacer groove depth deviation shall not be greater than 0.20mm.


4. The roughness of the working surface of the plates used in the food industry shall not be lower than that of the original plates after stamping.


5. Pits, scratches, indentations and other defects on the surface that are not allowed to exceed the thickness tolerance shall be cleared away.

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