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Purpose and treatment of painting the surface of stainless steel tank
Dec 01, 2018

Everyone knows that stainless steel has the advantages of temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and rust resistance. Therefore, the raw material of stainless steel tank equipment is made of stainless steel. In this case, does it need to be painted on the surface of the tank? In fact, in general, only the tank made of carbon steel needs to be painted, and the purpose of painting is to protect the tank, increase the corrosion resistance of the surface, and prevent oxidation and rust of the tank.


Although the stainless steel tank body does not need to be painted on the surface, there are still a few examples of painting the surface of the stainless steel tank. That is because there are environmental factors, such as stainless steel storage tanks for export, shipping or use in coastal areas, which are generally painted, not only to increase the corrosion resistance of the surface, but more importantly because of the large amount of marine environment. Chloride ion, paint can effectively block the direct contact between chloride ion and stainless steel surface.


Although the corrosion resistance of stainless steel storage tanks is stronger than that of other materials, it will also be corroded under certain corrosive environments, so the surface of stainless steel tanks used in certain cases will also be painted. There are generally three ways to paint the surface of a stainless steel tank.


One is pickling and passivating direct spray paint. This method is relatively simple, but the adhesion of the paint layer is not easy to fall off. It is suitable for stainless steel storage tanks for short-time shipping. The other is direct spray phosphating primer and spray coating. Spraying topcoat, this painting method has the advantages of high adhesion and low cost. Another method is shot blasting, which requires the use of glass pellets. This method has the highest adhesion and high

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