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Production technology and parameter requirements of stainless steel water storage tank
Jul 28, 2018

In order to ensure the better use of the red stainless steel water storage tank, the top, the tank wall and the bottom stainless steel plate splicing will be butt welded, the top plate is a type I weld, the bottom plate and the side wall are V-shaped welds, and the other welding is posted. For fillet welds, there is no cross-over between welds and they must not be combined with reinforcement.


After the stainless steel water storage tank is finished, it is necessary to fill the tank with water. After 2~3 hours, tap the hammer lead with a weight of 0.5~1.5 kg along the sides of the weld to about 150 mm, and the water leakage is acceptable. If there is any leak, it must be re-welded and then experimented.


The stainless steel water storage tank foundation can be made of concrete strip beam or I-beam; the top of the stainless steel water storage tank is provided with a gas permeable air filtering device at the top, and the specification and quantity are determined by the manufacturer according to the size of the inlet. The stainless steel water storage tank uses tensile ribs inside, and each nozzle flange is 1.0 MPa standard flange.


When designing the location of stainless steel water storage tanks, designers should refer to the standard sanitary regulations for secondary water supply facilities. When the technical parameters or orientation of the stainless steel water storage tank are not suitable for actual use, the designer shall make a determination according to actual needs.

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