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Processing and assembly process of heat exchange tubes in tube heat exchanger
May 27, 2019

 If the technical requirements are not met, some problems will arise. For example, if the inner diameter of the casing is too large or the roundness error will cause short-circuit of the shell-side medium and reduce the heat exchange efficiency. The allowable deviation distance of the tube plate hole exceeds the allowable deviation and the straightness error of the housing exceeds the standard, which may affect the pumping of the tube bundle. 

The processing quality of the heat exchange tubes in the tube heat exchanger is one of the important factors to ensure the quality of the heat exchanger, and the heat exchange tube processing should have an accurate length dimension to ensure the connection between the tube and the tube sheet; cutting After that, the pipe end needs to be smoothed to ensure the welding quality; the heat exchange pipe should be inspected one by one before assembly; in general, the whole pipe is used. When the length of the existing pipe cannot meet the requirements of the pipe, the welding butt joint can be considered. However, 100% non-destructive inspection should be carried out and the welding stress should be eliminated; the surface of the heat exchange tube should not be scratched, especially the austenitic stainless steel material.

The heat exchange tube assembly of the tube heat exchanger is generally that the one end tube plate and each baffle plate are aligned by a tie rod and a distance tube, and then placed on a special tire tool to pass through the tube, and one end of the pull rod is screwed into the tube sheet. The baffle is placed on the tie rod, and the distance between the rods is maintained by a distance tube that is placed on the rod. The last baffle is screwed onto the rod to be fastened.

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