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Principle of multi-effect evaporation treatment
Feb 15, 2020

In the first evaporator heated by direct steam, the secondary steam produced by boiling the heated liquid enters the second evaporator as the heat source. In this way, the secondary steam of the first effect is used as the heat source of the evaporator of the next effect. According to the energy conservation law, the amount of steam consumed by the processor per 1t of water evaporation is: single effect 1.1, double effect 0.57, triple effect 0.4, quadruplet effect 0.3, and five-effect 0.27.


Material by the distributor is evenly distributed to each evaporator tube, material evaporation in the gravity and the form of secondary evaporation under the action of membrane formation, and thin film material with the outer wall of tube array of steam heat exchange, make the moisture in the material vaporized, the stability of the temperature difference and heat transfer, to form stable evaporation, was formed by the evaporation of water of secondary steam was used for many times, according to the material characteristics of maximum repeatedly used to reduce the steam consumption, forming multi-effect evaporation and the purpose of high efficiency and energy saving

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