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Principle and application of double stirred stirred tank
Mar 30, 2019

The double stirred stirred tank consists of two independent coaxial stirrers. The coaxial stirrer is mainly composed of main and auxiliary motors, cycloidal pinwheel reducer, worm gear reducer, container, frame stirrer and internal turbine agitator. A stirrer with a high shear emulsification head is suitable for systems with strong dispersion and emulsification requirements.


The outer frame agitator of the coaxial mixer is a low speed near wall propeller that is connected to the motor by a hollow shaft drive mechanism. The propeller is equipped with sets of transverse angle baffles. It is suitable for macroscopic mixing of high, medium and low viscosity media to enhance heat transfer.


The double stirred stirred tank is suitable for the complicated process of dissolution, dispersion, reaction, emulsification and coagulation of various materials. Widely used in petrochemical, pesticide, fine chemical, polymer polymerization, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, dyes, coatings, water treatment and other industries. Typical applications: emulsified silicone oil, chlorinated polybutadiene rubber, casein, leather fatliquor, PU water-b. The binder is condensed with

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