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Precautions for heating, cooling and temperature control system of stainless steel reactor
Oct 03, 2020

Liquid circulation of the entire stainless steel reaction kettle system is closed, and the system with a container, and liquid circulation are adiabatic expansion container, it does not participate in the liquid circulation, is only the mechanical connection, expansion in the container medium temperature must be below 60 degrees, regardless of the stainless steel liquid circulation reactor temperature is high or low temperatures.

The whole liquid cycle is a closed system, no water vapor absorption at low temperature, no oil mist at high temperature, thermal oil can work at a wide range of temperatures; The same machine, the same thermal medium can achieve temperature control of -100 degrees to 200 degrees. The cooling capacity ranges from 1KW to 80KW. No mechanical or electronic valves are used in the whole cycle system.

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