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Pre-preparation and precautions for storage container discharge
Oct 31, 2018

Before the discharge container is unloaded, its security and unloading operators arrive at the scene 15 minutes in advance. The security guards are prepared for alert. The martial law area and the discharge point are 60 meters. Each passage is guarded by a special person and all vehicles are prohibited. Personnel pass, prohibiting all open fire operations. The operator first records the level data of the tank level indicator! Do all preparations before unloading, such as tank pressure relief, nitrogen preparation, cotton yarn preparation, and copper wrench preparation.

After receiving the notification of the ready operation of the unloading operator, the security guard will transmit the information to the front door, and the front door security informs the tanker to enter the park directly to the discharge point. The filling work is carried out by professional technicians and unified command, and is carried out by professionally trained maintenance personnel and operators. All the tanker drivers who enter the site and the martial law personnel outside the site should absolutely obey the command of professional technicians. .

The security command tanker enters the unloading platform, stops and stalls! Equipped with 6 35KG dry powder fire extinguishers and enough towels. Emergency measures for leakage: preparation of materials such as sand and cotton yarn. The safety seals of all fire extinguishers are checked by professionals. The certificate is valid during the validity period. Check that the participants do not bring fire and cigarettes. All the participants must wear anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes.

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