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Points to note when operating the mixing kettle
Nov 05, 2018

In production, we must pay special attention to safety issues. Safety is the premise of production, so we must pay special attention to the operation of the stirred tank. When installing the stirred tank, it must be installed on a solid and flat ground foundation, and the loading platform should be reserved in advance, as well as the height of the loading machine and the stirring tank. After the reservation, the experience can be produced after passing the test.


Secondly, the operator who is the stirring kettle must undergo professional training. After passing the examination, the driver can be certified to work. No certificate is absolutely impossible to operate. Before the operation, the mixing kettle should be inspected beforehand to confirm whether all parts are complete. Be careful to check and repair.


When the stirring kettle suddenly fails, the power should be cut off immediately, and the mortar in the mixing drum should be poured out for maintenance. After the fault is eliminated, the production can be continued. In the operation, the wooden rods, iron bars and other tools can not be used to clean the mixing kettle. Mixing; should be cleaned after the power is cut off, after the cleaning is completed, the switch box should be locked, and the site should be cleaned up; finally, the stirred tank must be regularly maintained, so as to increase the service life.

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