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Pneumatic spraying of shell and tube heat exchanger
Mar 13, 2021

The contact resistance of the bottom surface of the pneumatic spray fin has no substantial effect on the efficiency.In order to confirm this,the metallographic structure analysis was carried out on the transition zone between the base ( tube ) and the surface ( fin ).The analysis of the test piece in the transition zone shows that there are no imperceptible micro-cracks along the entire length of the connecting boundary. Therefore, the pneumatic spraying method promotes the formation of the branch boundary between the surface and the basic interaction , and can promote the penetration of the powder particles into the matrix, which shows that the adhesion strength is high, there is physical contact and the formation of metal chains. Therefore, the pneumatic spraying method can not only be used for forming, but also can be used to fix the fin manufactured by the common method on the surface of the heat exchanger tube, and can also be used to supplement the bottom surface of the common fin. It can be expected that the pneumatic spraying method will be widely used in the production of compact and efficient heat exchangers.

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