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Plate Heat Exchangers manufacturing process
Mar 07, 2021

( 1 ) The tube bundle can be drawn out to facilitate cleaning of the tube and shell side; ( 2 ) The temperature difference between the media is not limited; ( 3 ) It can work under high temperature and high pressure, generally the temperature is less than or equal to 450 degrees, and the pressure is less than or equal to 6.4 MPa; ( 4 ) It can be used in the occasions with serious fouling; ( 5 ) it can be used in the occasions where the pipe is easy to be corroded. Select the manufacturing material and brand of the heat exchange equipment, and conduct the chemical composition inspection of the material. After the mechanical properties are qualified, the steel plate is corrected. The methods include manual correction, mechanical correction and flame correction. Material preparation,scribing,cutting,edge processing (flaw detection),forming,assembly,welding, welding quality inspection, assembly welding, pressure test quality inspection Chemical equipment not only inspects raw materials before manufacturing, but also needs to be performed at any time during the manufacturing process inspection.

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