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Plate heat exchanger plate dislocation solution
Sep 29, 2020

Generally speaking, the plate heat exchanger plate dislocation is caused by a lot of reasons, or long-term use, multi-pass combination, and the medium flow and pressure change is also very big, this time the plate heat exchanger can not withstand the pressure, therefore, for this problem must be solved in a timely manner.


First of all, we must understand the specific cause of plate error of plate heat exchanger, and then we can solve the problem.


The simple on-site treatment method is to take out the damaged plates and the plates that leak in the biosafety cabinet in pairs (Plate A + Plate B). If the quantity is not too much and the number of reduced flow passages is not too much, the continuous use after assembly will not have A great impact on the production. This means that the equipment cannot be changed on site and cannot be stopped at the same time.


The seal gasket of the plate heat exchanger slid away from the gasket groove. This process is dislocated, and the plate should deform the gasket to slip out of the promptly replaced gasket groove.


After the plate is dislocated, it will leak out soon. Although some leakage does not occur immediately, but it is a hidden danger of leakage, so it must be dealt with in a timely manner. The equipment needs to be maintained and worked during operation.

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