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Plate heat exchanger effect is not ideal reason
Jul 29, 2020

1. Reasons for system configuration. Plate heat exchanger heat transfer effect, only to follow the laws of energy guide constant, namely hot side let heat is equal to the cold side absorb heat, in many cases, the hot side from the cold side of the heating system of heat do not have enough cooling water, such as not enough water quantity, water temperature, leading to hot side temperature come down, if this is the reason, the heat exchanger is again big also useless.


2. Causes of plate heat exchanger itself. Many users only provide heat exchange area when purchasing heat exchanger, without specific data such as heat exchange, medium flow rate, import and export temperature, etc. As a result, the plate heat exchanger purchased by them is correct in model area, but the process combination is not reasonable and can not reach the expected effect, even if it is useless to increase the area on this basis.

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