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Plate heat exchanger components of the role
Dec 07, 2017


It is mainly to support the heat exchange plate, so that it is convenient to disassemble, clean and assemble.

Pressure plate at both ends

The pressure plate at both ends mainly clamps and presses all the heat transfer plates to ensure that the fluid medium does not leak.

Clamping bolt

The clamping bolt mainly plays the role of fastening the press plates at both ends. The clamping bolt is usually a double head thread, when the bolt is pretensioning, the moment of the fixed plate is even.

Sealing gasket

The sealing gasket of the plate heat exchanger is mainly sealed between the heat exchange plates. Materials are: nitrile rubber, three ethylene propylene rubber, fluorine rubber, and so on, according to different medium use different rubber.

Heat transfer plate

The heat transfer plate is the main part of the heat exchanger, and the general corrugation is used as the adult font. According to the different fluid medium, the material of the heat transfer sheet is also different. Most of them are made of stainless steel and titanium.

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