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Pickling method of plate heat exchanger
Sep 15, 2020

1. Closed process; Close all valves in the line while keeping the first and second circulation loops open.


2. Detaching process: namely, the secondary cycle detaching heat exchange system of the whole plate heat exchanger. That is to close the plate heat exchanger cold inlet and outlet valves.


3. Empting process: open the drain pipe valve and the secondary pickling inlet door, and close the valve after empting the water storage in the plate heat exchanger.


4. Dosing process: start pickling pump, and open secondary pickling outlet valve and pickling backwater valve; The acid in the pickling tank is injected into the plate heat exchanger until the drug is discharged from the pickling return pipe.


5. Sealing process: successively close the pickling pump of the inlet valve of the secondary pickling, the outlet valve of the secondary pickling and the return water valve of the secondary pickling, and close the secondary pickling pipeline.


6. Soaking process: the static soaking time is determined according to the acidity of the selected liquid, and the static soaking time is applied to the secondary heat exchange surface of the plate heat exchanger.


7. Cycle process: Successively open the secondary pickling outlet valve, pickling backwater valve, pickling pump and secondary pickling inlet valve to make the whole secondary pickling system dynamic cycle.


8. Discharge process: open the drain valve after the acid circulation for a certain period of time, drain the residual liquid and close the pickling system.


9. Neutralization process: Add the prepared lye, usually Na3PO4 or Na2CO3 solution, into the acid resisting tank, and repeat steps 3 to 8.


10. Recovery process: slowly reopen the cold outlet valve and the cold inlet valve of the plate heat exchanger to make the secondary circulation run normally.

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