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Optimization design of important part configuration of stirring tank stirring device
Aug 09, 2018

This stirred tank is a reaction tank with an added stirring device. It uses a double-layer bearing mechanical seal mixer. In this device, the configuration of three important parts is optimized to make the whole stirred tank. Performance and quality have been improved.


After the optimized design, the coupling in the stirred tank adopts a toothed coupling, which can replace the rigid coupling or elastic coupling commonly deployed in the industry, which can achieve excellent concentric aligning coupling transmission function. Can greatly extend the life of the coupling.


It is worth noting that the optimized design details are that in the shaft hole design of the coupling, the lower shaft hole of the coupling is larger than the upper shaft hole, which is beneficial to greatly improve the strength and durability of the stirring shaft. Secondly, the upper and lower bearings of the stirred tank were replaced with outer spherical bearing.


In this way, not only the superior effect of the concentricity and centering performance of the bearing is achieved, but also the most superior effect in terms of axial force bearing, and at the same time, because the outer spherical bearing is a standardized module with very good independence, the bearing is made. It is very easy to maintain and spare parts.

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