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Operational requirements and main functions of storage containers
Mar 27, 2019

During the operation of the storage container, it is unfamiliar with the operation of the equipment. The safety protection products are not completely worn. It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment, not fully familiar with and master the equipment operation rules. On-site professional and technical personnel and security personnel have the right to prevent and correct unsafe acts such as illegal operations, risk-taking and other actions, and have the right to refuse command, dispatch, and arrangement that do not meet safety requirements or violate regulations.

When the storage container is in operation, the person entering the discharge area under normal circumstances is prohibited from entering with the communication tool. The electrostatic discharge of the body must be performed at the electrostatic discharge point. Before starting the work, the insulation pad before the control cabinet must be inspected for completeness and dryness. Before starting the device, you must first check the device for leakage with a test pencil.

The storage container can press the red emergency stop switch in the event of an emergency, and then effectively turn off the total power of the equipment, immediately notify the equipment maintenance worker to handle, and notify the relevant management personnel and equipment personnel, and prohibit unauthorized handling. Under no circumstances shall the equipment safety guard be disassembled, damaged, shorted or used for any reason to invalidate the safety protection.

It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment when eating or drinking medicines or beverages that reduce attention or mental sputum in the storage container. Interns are strictly forbidden to operate the equipment alone without the monitor or master! It is strictly forbidden to make the process immature and unreasonable. All or part of the body needs to enter the internal intervention of the device when the device is running

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