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Notes for use of stainless steel water storage tank
Apr 25, 2020

1. Stainless steel tank has a strong corrosion resistance, it is not by the outside air and water residual chlorine corrosion. Each spherical tank is subjected to super pressure test and inspection before delivery, and its service life under atmospheric pressure can be more than 20 years. Notice it's under normal pressure!


2. Stainless steel water storage tank has good sealing; The sealed design completely eliminates the harmful substances and mosquitoes from entering the tank, and ensures the water quality is free from external pollution and breeding of red insects.


3. In the process of transportation, the stainless steel water storage tank should pay attention to choose a reasonable hoisting position. The hoisting equipment can only use the force of the bracket, tank or hook, and the weak parts such as clips and nods or the dragging force of the packaging bottom are not allowed. In the process of hoisting, the equipment shall not collide with other objects. When the stainless steel tank enters the installation station, it should be transported smoothly, and it should not be rolled, pry over or other unsafe methods.


4. Stainless steel water storage tank in the process of storage to be used to pay attention to, the best indoor storage, outdoor storage should pay attention to cover, to avoid the sun and rain and people percussion. In winter, we should pay attention to check whether there is water, so as to avoid freezing damage. For the stainless steel tank or polymerization kettle equipped with mechanical seal, the sealing area should be doubly protected and kept clean.

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